MJ (mjmcca) wrote in csiboys,

Safety and Comfort: Comfort 3

Fandom: CSI:Miami, NCIS, Magnificent 7 ATF AU
Title: Safety and Comfort: Comfort Chapter 3
Author: MJ
Category: Slash
Spoilers: no spoilers pre series to both CSI:Miami and NCIS
Rating: NC-17 or FRAO for discussions of same sex M/M relationship, violence and hate crimes,character death
Pairing: Speed/Ryan (slash) Ezra/OFC (Het)
Summary: Ryan returns to Miami a little more bruised than when he left.
Author's Note: Part of my Terrorist Trap universe. Filling in back story . This deals with Speed/ Ryan's relationship which has been mentioned in Miami Vacation. It also deals with the death of Ezra's wife. There is something in this story that will be further explained in Miami vacation about WHY Tony gets as protective of Ezra as he does.

Written for the blanketfort community here on LJ. This is the second part to my fic Safety. It was supposed to be a one chapter effort but that is a pipe dream now... cant seem to write short fics. This fic is set about 19 years after after Safety. There is a third story in the arc. I will get to the Blanket Fort portion of the story in the last chapter of this section and then again in the final story

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